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  Product of PVC  
  Name Product Model# Category Lead  
    GARDEN HOSE   Hose   For water supply and drain installed machinery  
    Pipa II   Pipe and Fitting   PVC Product  
    Maspion Flex   Pipe and Fitting   PVC Product  
    MASPION SOLVENT CEMENT   Pipe and Fitting   PVC Product  
    LUBRICANT   Pipe and Fitting   PVC Product  
    PVC PIPE and FITTING   Pipe and Fitting   For Water Pressure & General Purpose  
    PVC DOOR   PVC Door   A cheaper door with kind of variant  
    PVC Profile   PVC Door   Strong and waterproof  
    Paralon IV   PVC Film   PVC Product  
    RIGID FILM   PVC Film   PVC Product  
Adalah buku pertama yang ditulis oleh Dr.(HC).Alim Markus sebagai Presiden Direktur Maspion Group.

Kitchenwares with export quality, at bargain prices!
We offer a wide range of kitchenwares (ex-export) with deep discounts, only for local users, available in Maspion Bazar, Pondok Maspion, Pepelegi, Surabaya.




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